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I’m Back


Jings! Has it really been three years since I last posted here? A lot has gone on, but nothing really of note. I’ve been tinkering and building things, I’ve been designing things in Fusion360 and I’ve been 3D printing like there’s no tomorrow.

All that being said, I’ve written none of it up. I’ve got ambitions to be a maker and a YouTuber, but with a young family and a space at home which isn’t all that big, it may prove to be an unachievable dream. I’ll try to keep this site a bit more up to date, possibly documenting some of my projects and links to any videos I do, but I’ve made that promise before and spectacularly failed. (Did I mention I’ve been away for 3 years?)

Anyway, I’ll go and try to write something up. Bye for now!

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Prusa i3 Pro B 3D Printer

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted. I’m sorry. I kind of fell away from it. You know how it is – real life gets in the way sometimes.

Just recently, I’ve been thinking ahead to Christmas and what I might buy myself as a present. I’ve been going between a new Xbox One S or a 3D printer. Continue reading

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Word Flow Just WORKS!

Microsoft isn’t a stranger to iOS devices. They’ve created a whole host of applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Word Flow is the latest Microsoft app to his the App Store. This isn’t just any old app, however. This is a game changer in the 3rd party keyboard world. Continue reading

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HidrateSpark is Coming!

Well, for some people, HidrateSpark is already here. Not for me though. Not yet.

HidrateSpark is the world’s first smart water bottle. I first backed it over a year ago on Kickstarter. I was immediately won over by the really sincere introduction video from their team and was one of the first 100 or so to back them. Continue reading

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Getting Fit and ‘App-y

Fitness has never really been my strong suit. Eating has always been my default position. However, I’m now a father of two, so I really need to get my life in check. The trouble is, eating healthy is boring. So is exercising. I can’t really do anything about the healthy eating. Well, maybe I can – there probably are ways to make salad interesting. That might be another post. Continue reading

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Finally Here!

After seven weeks, my Apple Watch has finally arrived. Its been a long wait. I’ve had various conversations with Apple employees about arrival dates and payment screw-ups. I’ve had chats with colleagues and family members who have all received theirs. For a while there, it seemed as if I was the only one not to have theirs. The amount of time I’ve spent checking the Apple Store app for delivery status is completely ridiculous. Its almost as if I don’t have a full time job and a family to feed. Continue reading

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Watching and Waiting…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little bit about the fact that I had ordered an Apple Watch. Ever since I placed that order, I’ve done a few things. I’ve backed a couple of Kickstarter projects, I’ve been accepted as a beta tester for a smart home gadget, I’ve continued to enjoy being a husband and father, and I’ve been devouring all the Apple Watch info I can possibly get my hands on. Continue reading

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Introducing PiRak…

I’ve got a bit of a thing for the Raspberry Pi. At one point I had five or six. I’m a bit of a smart home enthusiast, and I have a Raspberry Pi running Kodi (formerly XBMC) for both TVs at home. They both look at a server for all their audio and video content. When my wife and I initially moved into our home, knowing that I was a bit of a technology geek, she told me that¬†“you can do¬†anything you want in the house, as long as I can’t see the wires”. Challenge accepted. A couple of false walls later, there were two TVs mounted on walls with no trace of the wires. Everything ran up to the loft and was terminated in a 19-inch rack. Including two Windows 7 PCs running XBMC. Last year I migrated away from the PCs to Raspberry Pi setups. Partly for space and partly for power consumption reduction. Continue reading

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Hotting Up With Hive

I love gadgets, I’m lazy, and I live in Scotland, where it’s cold. All the time. So, if there was a gadget which could keep me warm while also encouraging my laziness, you’d think I’d be on board with it, wouldn’t you? If you answered ‘yes’, then you’d be correct! Although it has been available since 2013, I’ve only recently decided to get Hive by British Gas.

Continue reading

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Qmote Kicks Off!

I’ve never really done the crowdfunding thing before, but a couple of months ago I fancied the idea of getting a new toy to play with. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be cool and quirky. Where do you find cool and quirky gadgets? Kickstarter, of course! Continue reading

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