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I Caved…

So, ever since Apple announced the Apple Watch last September, I’ve pretty much thought it was a pointless waste of time. “I have a watch..”, “I already get my email on my phone…”, “The display’s too small to do anything useful…”. Continue reading

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Go(Pro) be a HERO

In February, I was returning from an amazing family holiday to the Caribbean. It was amazing up until the point of my British Airways flight being wildly delayed. Without going into the logistics of where and how I was delayed, lets just say I was stuck at London Gatwick for over 8 hours. Continue reading

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Got Any iD?

The past 12 months in the mobile network industry have been pretty hectic. BT purchased EE, and Hutchison Whampoa (Three’s parent company) bought O2 from Telefonica. So, with all this consolidation in the UK mobile market, is there really a need for another network? Carphone Warehouse certainly thinks so. They’re in the process of launching iD next month. Continue reading

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I finally picked up my EE Power Bar today. If you’re one of the thousands of EE, Orange or T-Mobile customers who registered to get one, you may know what I mean when I say ‘finally’. On the face of it, this seems like a really good deal. You send a text message (which costs you 35p) to EE, they send you back a code which you take into any EE store to redeem your Power Bar. You can then use it to charge your phone on the go. Once it’s run out of juice, you can either recharge it using your phone’s charger, or you can take it into any EE store and swap it for another fully charged one. Continue reading

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