HidrateSpark is Coming!


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Well, for some people, HidrateSpark is already here. Not for me though. Not yet.

HidrateSpark is the world’s first smart water bottle. I first backed it over a year ago on Kickstarter. I was immediately won over by the really sincere introduction video from their team and was one of the first 100 or so to back them.The HidrateSpark experience comes in two parts: the bottle and the app. The bottle has some very smart tech which records the volume of water passing through the cap before passing it to your phone for the app to log it. The app keeps a tally of what you’re drinking and will remind you, nudge you and nag you to drink more if you need to. Like everything else the HidrateSpark team does, the nag messages on your phone are friendly and helpful. The app will also make the bottle glow as part of the reminder process, and while I don’t think I need my bottle to glow when I should be drinking more, its very cool all the same.

I haven’t yet received the bottle to play with, partly due to the massive popularity the Kickstarter campaign garnered and partly because the HidrateSpark team are perfectionists. Their projected timeline for moving from prototyping to machining to production was delayed because they wanted to get some last minute design issues ironed our, rather than sending out a product they didn’t feel 100% happy with. I really respect a team who are willing to delay a product launch instead of shipping with flaws. I think we all know companies who have rushed products to market, and we all agree that we’d prefer they didn’t do that.

Apparently my bottle has made it from China to the distribution warehouse in the US, so it should be winging its way to me very soon. I hope it does, because I’m parched!

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