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Fitness has never really been my strong suit. Eating has always been my default position. However, I’m now a father of two, so I really need to get my life in check. The trouble is, eating healthy is boring. So is exercising. I can’t really do anything about the healthy eating. Well, maybe I can – there probably are ways to make salad interesting. That might be another post.

Thankfully, I can make the exercising a little more interesting, the only way I know how – with gadgets and technology. I’ve been a proud owner of an Apple Watch for a little over six months now, and beyond the odd notification of a tweet or text message, it’s been little more than a watch to me. I still believe it’s got a lot of potential, and we’re starting to see developers doing clever things with it, but it’s got a way to go. As a means for recording and tracking all kinds of health data however, that’s where it comes into its own. It will track your steps, it will monitor your heart rate, and iFixit discovered that the watch also contains a pulse oximeter. If that’s true, when Apple eventually enable it in software, it’ll make your workout data all the more interesting.

Anyway, without trying to sound too narcissistic, back to me. Exercise is boring, but through the collection of all the data I can gather through the various apps, MyFitnessPal, MotionX, Nike+, Hidrate and others, all pushing their data into Apple’s HealthKit, I might be able to see not only the changes in me on the outside, but the physiological data my tech gathers for me.

Do you have any favourite fitness apps I’ve missed and should be playing with? Leave a comment below, or tweet me – @itsjuststewart

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