I’m Back



Jings! Has it really been three years since I last posted here? A lot has gone on, but nothing really of note. I’ve been tinkering and building things, I’ve been designing things in Fusion360 and I’ve been 3D printing like there’s no tomorrow.

All that being said, I’ve written none of it up. I’ve got ambitions to be a maker and a YouTuber, but with a young family and a space at home which isn’t all that big, it may prove to be an unachievable dream. I’ll try to keep this site a bit more up to date, possibly documenting some of my projects and links to any videos I do, but I’ve made that promise before and spectacularly failed. (Did I mention I’ve been away for 3 years?)

Anyway, I’ll go and try to write something up. Bye for now!

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